It’s Within Reach™

Most wifi connections won't reach to every room in your house, making many parts of your home inconvenient to use.

So, let’s show people the potential of their unused spaces with Plume Pods.

AD: Alexia Korte CW: Lexi Warren

🏆 Silver Addy Winner 🏆


Plume will prompt Instagram users to take a photo of an unused space in their home they would love to utilize.


Users will envision their new space with Plume sponsored stickers for Instagram story and decorate the space for their style and its purpose.


Participants will post their new space onto their Instagram story and use #plumemypad as well as tag Plume to enter the contest. If chosen, Plume will renovate their space and gift them a pack of Plume Pods for their home.


Social Posts for Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest:

plume phone 1.png
plume phone 2.png
plume pinterest.png



Plume will partner with Mr. Kate, the Chip and Joanna Gaines of Youtube, to create new spaces in their subscribers homes with the use of Plume Pods. Kate and Joey will add a new segment onto their OMG We’re Coming Over! series that centers around transforming unused spaces to new areas the subscriber can enjoy. Kate and Joey will show the entire process of making over the space and give design tips to their viewers. At the end, Mr. Kate will reveal the new and improved space to the subscriber and discuss the benefits of using Plume Wifi Pods to utilize all areas of a home.