AD: Hannah Taylor CW: Lexi Warren




Due to high poverty and unemployment rates, America's most distressed cities are lacking a strong sense of community. Dixie wants to come to cities like Cleveland, Memphis, and Detroit to help bring these neighborhoods together and promote more community involvement. Outdoor ads around the cities will invite members of the community to assist Dixie in fixing up and renovating their local community centers. Dixie will cover the cost to provide these community centers with anything they need, from renovations to new appliances. All Dixie needs is a helping hand from the community to make it happen. After renovations are complete, there will be a grand reopening block party sponsored by Dixie to reveal the new community center. All refreshments will be served on Dixie dishware and Dixie will also provide a one year’s supply of products to the community centers. By renovating these centers and providing new spaces for community to grow, Dixie can leave a lasting impact on these neighborhoods for years to come.

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